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The independent one  Food blog

This is about food, this food blog is  a small think tank on the subject of food and food production. By popular demand, I have  I decided to publish recipes as well, but these are more intended as a stimulus for your own experimentation with food.

Well off is an independent website, the articles are mouth-controlled and refined with brainpower.  

The articles should encourage you to try something you have never eaten before, you should go on a voyage of discovery in your kitchen and dare to try old or new methods of preparation.

No calories are counted on this blog, it is  does not matter whether you are vegan or vegetarian, or love meat more than anything,  The main thing is you are  are  eager to discover and enterprising.

This blog is for your interest in food and yours  Longing for unforgettable food and your taste buds, with it you should explore what you like.

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