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Why food is so important to me

This blog is about the diversity of our food. Because we have  never lived in a world with so many different things to eat. The quality of our food has never been as good as it is today.

So we're well-off with food in the best sense of the word. Even in the corona crisis, our food offer is almost unlimited.  

  Unfortunately, many have forgotten how to cook and eat.

In my youth, all young women had to  Compulsory household chores, cooking and housekeeping were compulsory for all girls. Unfortunately, instead of cooking and eating, it was much more about practicing the role of housewife and mother. No wonder we rebelled against it at the time. We also wanted to learn to draw geometrically and be on an equal footing with the boys who were freed from kitchen and housework. Then the food industry really got going and made cooking easier and easier for us.  It all began with the soup cubes before the turn of the century before last, but convenience food got a real boost from the 90s when the fresh ravioli, gnochi and marinated grilled pieces appeared. At the same time, the housewives lost their last bit of glamor. Anyone who canned fruit at home or baked their own bread was considered hopelessly out of date.  As a result, our society lost the ability to cook and enjoy the diversity of our foods.  

A counter-movement began with the Greens in the 1980s. People began to think back to the simplest and most healthy ways of producing food, and soon even the wholesalers could no longer look past the organic boom. Innovative farmers not only began to produce according to organic guidelines, they also returned to old varieties. One example of this is the Pro Specie Foundation  Rara that  cultivated old varieties and made them "socially acceptable" again for decades with great success.

This blog is intended to encourage people to prepare food with good food, ours  Bodies is good for our souls and our friendships.  

about me:

As a child I didn't eat much, but there were dishes that are unforgettable for me to this day, for example the sauce for my grandmother's Sunday roast, which I was always allowed to top up with fresh bread, or the simple white bread that the farmer's wife on the farm next door we baked once a month from our own flour in the wood oven. I didn't try a comparable bread again until fifty years later at John Baker's in Zurich.

I am a historian and have been interested in agriculture and traditional food production since I was a child.

In this blog all these interests finally find a place.

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